My Story.

Art is life..

" A picture is a poem without words "

Beth Fulton has held a long appreciation for the arts. She started making drawings and paintings at the young age of five, and has dedicated most of her life to art in some way. Encouraged by supportive parents, Beth went to Mary Baldwin College and graduated with an honors degree in Art History. She now utilizes her degree in her career field of Paintings Conservation at Richmond Conservation Studio. Working for art lovers, museums, and all sorts of institutions, she is in her dream job surrounded by incredible art.


After taking a hiatus from painting for nearly ten years, Beth picked up her brushes, inspired by her garden in Richmond, Virginia. Beth, who has Cystic Fibrosis, was very ill and spent several weeks undergoing IV therapy. Her recovery, which took over a year, made it difficult for her to work outside in the garden. So instead, Beth started painting the garden to bring it indoors.


Long an admirer and visitor of gardens, Beth and her husband, Dave, purchased a home with a spectacular garden in Henrico. It has provided Beth with endless inspiration and enjoyment, that she hopes to bring to others through her paintings.

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